Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver B.C. Riots

According to a resident of Vancouver, Canada the drunken chaos is to be expected following the Stanley Cup hockey final considering that the Canucks lost. The police reaction however was not expected to be violent and oppressive. The violation of civil liberties did not subdue the rowdy crowd of hockey fans but instead added fuel to the fire and instigated an all out riot in the streets of downtown Vancouver. The police entered the scene trying to get rowdy but non violent fans to leave. The police began throwing teargas not just affecting the masses of hockey fans but also gassing residents of apartments in the area. The violence and looting that occurred was not being prevented by the police but instead the violations of civil liberties instigated assaults and vandalism. The media of course would never provide a beam of light illuminating the police as harbingers of destruction but here is a news report on the hockey riots.

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